Audio Course: The Underworld is Calling You to Heal

Kim Hermanson, PhD
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You know who you are. You know you’ve been called…to go deep, to heal, to engage, and to let go into Something much, much bigger. And you know this call for deep healing isn’t just for you.

It’s ancestral, it’s indigenous and it’s planetary.

It’s clearly time for you to BE the change you've been called to make.

The Underworld is fierce… and its rumblings are stronger than ever now. In this seminar, you'll tap the unseen world to experience your true wholeness, fullest strength, and greatest potential.

Underworldly energies—feminine, indigenous, ancestral, ancient, and tribal—aren't here to hurt or overwhelm you. They want to help you—they want to give you something. They want to shift, move and heal you.

* Claim your wholeness & power.

* Do the healing work you’ve been called to do.

* Get answers, see opportunities & uncover resources that can’t be known any other way.

Course taught live August 2020.


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Audio Course: The Underworld is Calling You to Heal

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